Kraft Paper Stand Up Zipper Bag With Window

Short Description:

(1) Stand up bag, stand up bottom, clear window.

(2) Kraft paper, environmental friendly material.

(3) Tear notch is needed to let customer open the packaging bags easily.

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Kraft Paper Stand Up Zipper Bag With Window

Kraft Paper Material: The primary material used in these bags is Kraft paper, which is known for its natural and sustainable qualities. Kraft paper is made from wood pulp and is biodegradable and recyclable.
Stand-Up Design: The bag is designed to stand upright when filled, providing stability and ease of display on store shelves. This design also saves space and makes storage more convenient.
Resealable Zipper: These bags are equipped with a resealable zipper closure. This feature allows consumers to easily open and close the bag, keeping the contents fresh and protected after the initial opening.
Barrier Properties: To enhance the shelf life of the packaged products, Kraft paper stand-up zipper bags may have inner layers or coatings that provide barrier properties against moisture, oxygen, and light.
Customizable: These bags can be customized in terms of size, shape, printing, and branding. Customization options allow businesses to add their logos, product information, and marketing messages.
Window Feature: Some Kraft paper stand-up bags have a clear window or a transparent panel, allowing consumers to see the contents inside, which can be especially appealing for products like snacks or coffee.
Tear-Notch: A tear-notch is often included for easy opening of the bag, providing a user-friendly experience.
Eco-Friendly: The use of Kraft paper aligns with eco-friendly and sustainable packaging trends, making these bags a popular choice for brands seeking to reduce their environmental impact.
Versatility: These bags are suitable for a wide range of products, including food items, powders, pet treats, and more.
Recyclable and Compostable Options: Some Kraft paper stand-up bags are designed to be fully recyclable or compostable, catering to environmentally conscious consumers.

Product Specification

Item Stand up zipper kraft paper bag with window
Size 16*23+8cm or customized
Material BOPP/FOIL-PET/PE or customized
Thickness 120 microns/side or customized
Feature High temperature resistant and tear notch, high barrier, moisture proof
Surface Handling Gravure printing
MOQ 10000 pieces

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Special Use

The label in the package will convey the basic information of the product to consumers, such as the production date, ingredients, production site, shelf life, etc., and also tell consumers how the product should be used and what precautions to pay attention to. The label produced by packaging is equivalent to a repeated broadcast mouth, avoiding repeated propaganda by manufacturers and helping consumers quickly understand the product.

As design becomes more and more important, packaging is endowed with marketing value. In modern society, the quality of a design will directly affect consumers' desire to buy. Good packaging can capture the psychological needs of consumers through design, attract consumers, and achieve the action of letting customers buy. In addition, packaging can help the product to establish a brand, the formation of brand effect.

Factory Show

Shanghai Xin Juren Paper & Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. was established in 2019 with a registered capital of 23 million RMB. It is a branch of Juren Packaging Paper & Plastic Co., LTD. Xin Juren is a company specializing in international trade, the main business is packaging design, production and transportation, which involves food packaging, stand up bag zipper bags, vacuum bags, aluminum foil bags, kraft paper bags, mylar bag, weed bag, suction bags, shape bags, automatic packaging roll film and other multiple products.

Relying on Juren group production lines, the plant covers an area of 36,000 square meters, the construction of 7 standardized production workshops and a modern office building. The factory employs technical staff with more than 20 years of production experience, with high speed printing machine, solvent free compound machine, laser marking machine, special-shaped die cutting machine and other advanced production equipment, to ensure that the product quality under the premise of maintaining the original level of steady improvement, product types continue to innovate.

Production Process:

900g Baby Food Bag With Zippe-6

Production Process:

900g Baby Food Bag With Zippe-7

Production Process:

900g Baby Food Bag With Zippe-8


1. Are you a factory or trading company?

We are a professional packing factory, with 7 1200 square meter workshop and more than 100 skilled workers ,and we can make all kinds of food bags, clothing bags,roll film, paper bags and paper boxes, etc.

2. Do you accept OEM?

Yes, we accept OEM works. We can custom the bags according to your detail requirements, like bag type, size, material, thickness, printing and quantity, all can be customized based on your needs.

What kind of material do you usually choose for brown kraft paper bags?

Kraft paper bags are generally divided into single-layer kraft paper bags and composite multi-layer kraft paper bags. Single-layer kraft paper bags are more widely used in shopping bags, bread, popcorn and other snacks. And kraft paper bags with multi-layer composite materials are mostly made of kraft paper and PE. If you want to make the bag stronger, you can choose BOPP on the surface and composite aluminum plating in the middle, so that the bag looks very high-grade. At the same time, kraft paper is more environmentally friendly, and more and more customers prefer kraft paper bags.

4. What kind of bag can you make?

We can make many different kind of bags, like flat bag, stand up bag, side gusset bag, flat bottom bag, zipper bag, foil bag, paper bag, child resistance bag, matt surface, glossy surface, spot UV printing, and bags with hang hole, handle, window, valve, etc.

5. How can i get a price?

In order to give you a price, we need to know the exact bag type(flat zipper bag, stand up bag, side gusset bag, flat bottom bag, roll film), material(plastic or paper, matt, glossy, or spot UV surface, with foil or not, with window or not), size, thickness, printing and quantity. While if you cant tell exactly, just tell me what will you pack by the bags, then i can suggest.

6. What is your MOQ?

Our MOQ for ready to ship bags is 100 pcs, while MOQ for custom bags is from 5000-50,000 pcs according to the bag size and type.

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